Charity Haul (part one) 

One of my favourite things to do is explore different charity stores for great book finds. This week, I discovered 12 future (and past) reads.  Northern Lights by Philip Pullman £1 - I always meant to read this when I was a young(er) pup, yet never seemed to get round to it. Hopefully i'll end uo… Continue reading Charity Haul (part one) 

first match

If anyone saw the England v Lithuania game yesterday, yep i was there. Club Wembley seats, cushioned and sedate. I'll have you know it was the first live football match i've ever attended. All in all I was slightly disappointed. Sitting in the Club Wembley seats made me feel like an outcast against the wild… Continue reading first match

Tolkien Reading Day

The 25th of March has arrived for another year. I turned 19 yesterday, and now it's time for another Tolkien Reading Day. My childhood was filled with the Lord Of The Rings movies, and Novels. I was privileged to truly live in Middle Earth, amongst the immortal Elves, the humble Hobbits and the brave Dwarves.… Continue reading Tolkien Reading Day