The Hate U Give (THUG) – mini review

“A hairbrush is not a gun”

What an obvious statement…it doesn’t make sense. None of it makes any sense.
We live in a world so different, yet all too the same as 1955. Emmett Till never had a voice, so others spoke for him. Injustice and racism is so alive in the world today and far too many are willingly blind to it. Too often we hear the words “he shouldn’t have resisted” or “he was a thug, he deserved to die” and those are the people who have already made their assumptions from the moment they see brown skin posted on their TV screens. If I could hand each and every person this book and force them to read it, I would.
This book is real, heartbreakingly honest, and it needs to exist. People need to read this book and come to understand the reality of a situation they are all but ignorant to.

Starr is a girl too young to witness the things she has. But she fights. Not all fights can be won, but we get up, and prepare for the next. “Sometimes you can do everything right and things can still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.”

Voices are made to be used…to be heard. And if we don’t speak, no one will listen. So thank you Angie Thomas for letting us listen.

“You can destroy wood and brick, but you can’t destroy a movement.”
― Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give


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