I thought I’d seen it all.
photographs of men and models alike,
staring at me with bright eyes and perfect smiles from heights i’ll never reach
and every day I see what perfection has always been taught to be
but that was before yours.
on the first day we met, you sat across from me in a room full of old friends and new acquaintances and flashed a smile so pure it caused the monarchs to roar
such fleeting moment and yet it illuminates every dark day.
how did you bewitch me through something so mundane as a smile and yet
as mundane as it seems,
yours is the only one I find worth treasuring

through it, you show me happiness,
you show me your mischief,
your sadness, and,
the most breathtaking of them all;
you reveal to me your love
a love that I will forever cherish, and always be grateful for,
for yours is the smile I long to wake up to,

every day


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