Book Review – Dorothy Must Die


Date Finished: 27th April 2015

Star Rating: ★★★★

And then I thought: bring it on. There’s no place like anywhere but here.”

I’ll begin by saying that I had extremely high hopes for this book. A crumbling, vulnerable land of Oz, ruled by none other than our dear Dorothy? Naturally, I was pretty excited.

We all know that Dorothy left Oz to go back home to Kansas. But what if she came back? What if that beautiful Emerald Throne looked too precious to not give her behind the pleasure? And what if she liked it a bit…too…much? What would the citizens of Oz sacrifice in order to quench Dorothy’s new found thirst for power?

Our hero; Amy Gumm, is brave, smart and most importantly (in my book) sarcastic. She questions everything, and her come backs are SO satisfying. Amy is a high school outcast: bullied by the school queen, pink hair, drug addicted mother, absent father, the whole nine yards. So when she’s dragged into Oz, and forced to join the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, her self doubt is to be more than expected. Nevertheless, Amy as a character grows magnificently, in strength and in will.

To put it straight. Oz is suffering. And Paige does not hold back on the gory details. We see limbs being ripped apart, brains being injected, and so. much. blood. BUT my, my, my, I never thought a psychotic, charismatic, attention obsessed Dorothy was something I needed in my life. I was so wrong. I won’t even get started on the disturbing twist of our friends the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man. Just wow.

I’ll be honest here, because that’s what a review is for. I was a bit disappointed with the execution of this book. Although there is always something going on, I did tend to find myself drifting over many pages, taking in useless bits of information that could have been cut short. Also, Paige is lacking some serious descriptive paragraphs that would have been highly appreciated. I couldn’t quite imagine Oz as I feel she wanted us to, it was more instinct than anything else. Nonetheless, I will definitely be reading the sequel later this year.

If you are loving the young adult fantasy genre as much as I am right now, then I do urge you to give this one a read.

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