A bit of graffiti.

Earlier this week (monday to be exact) I had a mini outing with my ‘family‘. I’ve put apostrophes just to make it clear it is not blood relation, but bond.

ANYWAY, Monday was a bank holiday here in England, so me and my ‘brother’ (catching on?) thought we’d take a trip down to Shoreditch. For those of you who aren’t aware, Shoreditch is an up and coming area to the East of Central London. It holds quirky vintage stores, along with independent bookshops, skate shops, and delicious restaurants.

If we were to rewind time to a few years ago, this so called ‘hipster spot’ used to be thought a dump. Now, I guess the owners of Cereal Killer Cafe are laughing into their bowls of  apple zings and lucky charms. How the times have changed right?

Anyway, more to the point (and less of my rambling), the area of Shoreditch is home to some pretty impressive graffiti. It rather adds to the ‘quirky’ vibe. So, enjoy a couple of my snaps.

verdantsee into the mindquirks




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